Stay Safe Online: Strong and easy passwords

Passwords are the most critical part of security, it keeps everything from your emails,social networks  to your financial transactions, safe. No matter how secure the systems are, or how much money  was spend to buy the latest security software, you are totally vulnerable if the chosen password is your second name or date of birth.

Most difficult question is, how to make easy-yet strong passwords????.I have came across an interesting article in this topic, you can read it here.

My favorite method is to use a long phrase or a sentence  as password.For example “youwillneverhackmyaccount” will be a very strong password, very easy to remember also.

If you want to have separate passwords for different websites you can customize the phrase to suit it.For example “ihaveastrongpasswordfororkut” can be used for orkut and for facebook change the name to FB 🙂

To create passwords with numbers and alphabets, form a statement containing numbers.Example “mydobis28june2010“.There is very little chance that, anyone will be able to guess this password even if he/she knows your DOB.

For even more security, you can include special characters also in the password. The key to remembering them is to apply the fact that, those characters  can be typed by pressing shift and pressing the corresponding number.You can remember “mycarsnumberis12#$” as ‘mycarsnumberis12shift34‘.

Hope this info help you to create a strong password next time you decide to have one.

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  1. Ańz says:

    my humble suggestion is that its better NOT to remember special characters as 'shift+corresponding number'because the character binding isn't independent of keyboard layout.

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