Too much for too little – a restaurant review of Little Italy Chennai

Little Italy is on Nungambakkam high road, a tiny little vegetarian Italian food place (duh, as if u  couldn’t figure that out already:P) with a great great ambiance. A franchisee of the Little Italy restaurants across the country, this place believes that “Other than Italians it is we who take Italian food seriously”.

Little Italy Chennai Menu

Little Italy Chennai Menu

They will charm you with the names, the details and the effort taken to familiarize you with a proper Italian meal, however only until you see the prices. Insanely priced for such small helpings, this place is quite good for you to get a taste of real Italian food, but ONLY a taste.

The starters

All starters in this restaurant are grouped under a heading called anti-pasti (ie) before pasta (which is main-course); Brain-storming and arriving at such etymologies formed majority of our waiting-for-food-time at Little Italy. We had ordered a couple of starters that day – Pale di Potato and nachos. Both the dishes looked and tasted good, with the garlic sauce especially being a hit with us.


Little Italy Chennai: Pale di Potato

Pale di Potato


Nachos with garlic sauce

The Salad

In spite of the waiter warning us that this would be a bitter salad, we went ahead, took a risk and chose the obscurely-named ANTIPASTO DEL CONTE DI VILLALBA. Take it from us, It doesn’t look or taste as exotic as it sounds 😛

photo of Antipasto Del-Conte Di Villalaba

Antipasto Del-Conte Di Villalba

Main course

Pasta, Pizza, lasagna and Risotto are the four kinds of main-course dishes we found at this place. Owing to not-so-favorable reviews online for the other dishes, we went ahead for the pizza and pasta only, which were both good in a non Pizza-hut way, very tasty of course.

Photo of pizza

Italian Pizza 😀


Dessert in any Italian restaurant in Chennai has almost sort of become synonymous with Tiramisu, and the one served here can almost be compared to the one served at Ecstacy, Sathyam cinemas.


Go to this place for experiencing a true Italian multi-course meal; To eat your stomach’s fill, go to Sam’s Pizza just a few meters away.

This is a guest post by a dear friend and fellow foodie Brinda Lakshmi. She had promised this post long ago since I treated her in Little Italy :D. She blogs here.

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