Firefox tab groups: Manage tabs easily

Firefox's tab groups feature help managing tabs easily

Are you a tab addict? Do you have the habit of kept a website open in a tab for future reading? Do you have more tabs open than what the tab strips can display? Do you struggle everyday to switch between google news and Facebook tabs? If your answer is yes to any one of the above questions Firefox tab groups is for you. By grouping your tabs, it makes tabbed browsing hassle free.

Accessing Firefox tab groups

Press “Ctrl + Shift + E” to go to tab groups view.

Tab groups view in firefox

Tab groups view in firefox

Alternatively you can click Tab groups button near the add new tab button in tab bar.

If you are using tab groups for the first time, you will see a thumbnail preview of all tabs in one group. To manage tabs effectively, make them in different groups by dragging and dropping into empty space. To make a new group, simply drag one tab out of the group and then drag a second one on top of it. A box will be drawn around them.


Grouping of tabs

Now you should be able to see this tab group button on the top right of the window.


Switching Between tab groups:

  • click on tab group button
  • click on the tab/group you wish to switch to and only that group will  be visible.
  • The keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + ` allows you to go to the next Tab Group and
  • Ctrl+ Shift + ` to the previous Tab Group.

Searching through tabs:

  • Go to tab group view
  • Start typing name of the tab you want to find, it will be highlighted.

For a complete description of options available in tab groups, visit Mozilla support page.

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