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Stay Safe on Gmail : Recovering from a password hack

Ever had the nightmare of someone hacking into your mail account?Losing all the contacts you had in a moment….unable to access important mails, or even worse someone is taking advantage financially?Well these are common scenarios theses days, with the increased … Continue reading

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Tabnabbing : All your tabs belongs to me!!

Ever heard of the word “tabnabbing”??? well I haven’t until a few days back. Guess what, a new word to theĀ  community and new method of attack to the bad guys!!. Its a new method of attack, that can be … Continue reading

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Stay safe on Facebook

There has been so many talks about FB privacy recently, so I thought of putting my thoughts and tricks found on the net to stay as safe as possible on FB while connecting with the friends,[ the safest thing will … Continue reading

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Facebook SCAMS

As Facebook is growing in popularity,its increasingly becoming the target for various kinds of malicious attacks.I have spotted one such scam couple of days back, which will trick people into copy pasting javascript code into their browser’s address bar.The code … Continue reading

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How to Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

I have found an interesting article about staying safe on public wifi, so thought putting some points of my own. You can read the article here. What are the safety concerns associated with public Wifi?          Public … Continue reading

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