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Check Your Browser’s Security Level

Wide spread use of social networks and web based services has made web browsers one among the of the most used software, which also made them the weapon of choice for spammers,phishers and hackers. Even people who insists to keep … Continue reading

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World’s First PC Virus “Brain” Turned 25

Image Courtesy Worlds First PC Virus Brain turned 25 in this January. Researchers from F-Secure managed to get an interview with Brain’s creators Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi from Lahore Pakistan. The short but interesting interview is available here. … Continue reading

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Secure Your Facebook Account With SSL and Login Alerts

Recently Facebook has rolled out few new features that will enable the users to user their Facebook account with better sense of security. The newly introduced Secure Browsing feature allows users to always  use secure connection(https) for Facebooking. While facebook … Continue reading

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Bom Sabado! Orkut Worm!!

Today I have been getting many scraps from friends (in Orkut!!!) with just the text “Bom Sabado!”. Google translator tells me that it means “Good Saturday!”, well seems like its going to be not so good Saturday for many!!.As time … Continue reading

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If you are a regular user of FB, there is a high chance that you must have seen something like this in your Newsfeed.  The title will create such a curiosity in one’s mind that, you will be forced to … Continue reading

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