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Access gmail: python and imaplib with OAuth2

Recently I was doing some experiments with python and gmail.Python has a handy imap library(imaplib.And there is a good tutorial which helped me to get started.There is one small problem with this approch, you have to store you password in … Continue reading

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“rememberthistime” New Malware In the Wild

Today morning I got a mail from a friend of mine with the following content. “I ran into some of your old friends the other day, they wanted me to send you this.” The email contained an attachement named “rememberthistime.rar”  … Continue reading

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Stay Safe on Gmail : Recovering from a password hack

Ever had the nightmare of someone hacking into your mail account?Losing all the contacts you had in a moment….unable to access important mails, or even worse someone is taking advantage financially?Well these are common scenarios theses days, with the increased … Continue reading

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